Ethics :-

It is defined as part of psychology that deals with moral conduct and judgement.

Principles of ethics :-

A) To do no harm :-  Principle is attributed to Hippocrates and is considered to be foundation of social morality

B) To do good :- It should be role of dentist and dental hygienist to benefit patients as well as not to inflict harm

C) Respect for person :- It consists of 2 fundamental ethical considerations i.e 1. Autonomy consent 2. Informed consent

  1. Autonomy consent :- It is principle that dictate that health care professionals respect patients right to make decisions concerning treatment plan
  2. Informed consent :- It is a legal as well as ethical concept and is a component of patients right to autonomy

D) Justice :- It demands each person be treated equally

E) Trustfulness :- Patient doctor relationship is on trust

F) Confidentially :- Patients have right to expect that all their care will be treated confidentially

Reference :-

Writing :- Notes made from mastering bds and Soben Peter books