Flash cards (Part 2): Diseases of Nerves and Muscles

Hortons syndrome: vascular headache
Mobius Syndrome: partial or complete facial paralysis, drooling of saliva, difficulty in mastication, and congenital facial diplegia.
Floppy infant syndrome: generalized weakness due to hypotonia, inability to sit, stand and walk.
Eagles syndrome: Dysphagia (pain during mandibular movement and the pain is subsided when the Jaws are closed), sore throat, otalgia and glossodynia. Due to elongation of styloid process and calcification of stylohyoid ligament.
Trotters syndrome : Tumors of nasopharaynx, producing pain similar to trigeminal neuralgia and middle ear deafness.
Horner’s syndrome: Ptosis, miosis, anhidrosis, enophthalmos, vasodilation
Freys syndrome (Auriculotemporal syndrome) : gustatory sweating.
Reader’s syndrome (Paratrigeminal syndrome) : severe headache, signs of ocular sympathetic paralysis.
Jaw winking syndrome: Ptosis, rapid elevation of the ptotic eyelid occurring on movement of the mandible to the contralateral side.

Definition of syndromes are extracted from Dental pulse 13th edition.