Thalassemia is a disorder of abnormal RBC production due to defect in hemoglobin synthesis.

It is also known as Cooley’s Anemia Mediterranean Anemia, Etythroblastic Anemia.

The first part of the notes is based on the patho-physiology.

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Blood Diseases.

Blood diseases are some of the most common questions throughout dental career. Especially in the first three years. I have complied the classification and Oral Manifestations of certain common symptoms.

  1. Shaffer’s text book of Oral Pathology. South Asian Edition.7th edition
  2. Textbook of Clinical Medicine for dental students, Chugh


Odontogenic cysts and tumors are the most important topics in Oral Pathology. Ameloblastoma itself is quite a large topic to talk about.

So on a rough basis, Ameloblastomas are basically tumors. They are tumors of Odontogenic (tooth forming tissue) in origin. They are benign in nature.

I have included detailed notes for types, clinical features and histology. Treatment I shall share on a more detailed version in coming blogs.

Reference to content : Shaffer’s Oral Pathology, 7th edition. Neville 3rd Edition

Histological Diagrams from: Maji Jose Manual of Oral Pathology and histology 2nd Edition.

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