1. Introduced by schmidt, 1964`
  2. There were made sticky = to be retained for a longer time on the teeth 
  3. Caries reduction = 40-50%
  4. Advantage = they set when in contact with saliva.
  5. Hence, advantage = children and its individuals = isolation is difficult 
  6. Duraphat
    1. Duraphat is the first fluoride varnish introduced in Germany. 
    2. It is a viscous yellow material 
    3. NaF containing 22,600 ppm in organic lacquer
  • Fluor Protector 
    • Fluor protector is a clear polyurethane based product 
    • Contains 7000 ppm fluoride containing 0.7% F in polyurethane based lacquer
  • Carex 
    • Carex is another fluoride varnish similar to duraphat 
    • contains lower fluoride concentration of 1.8% fluoride. 
  • Method of Application 
    • After prophylaxis the teeth are dried, not isolated with cotton as varnish sticks to cotton. 
    • A total of 0.3–0.5 ml of varnish equivalent to 6.9–11.5 mg fluoride is required to cover the full dentition.
    • Using a single tufted brush = 1st applied on the lower arch followed by lower arch
    • After application, pt is made to sit upright 
    • After application patient is made to sit with mouth open for 4 minutes before spitting
    • Fluor Protector sets faster than duraphat. 
    • Patient is asked not to rinse or drink anything at all for one hour and not eat anything solid but take liquid and semi-solid till next morning.

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