1. Its threaded titanium structure = cover screw
  2. Above it we place abutment and over it we place crown 
  3. We use implant to replace missing teeth 
  4. No PDL around the implant = directly connected to tooth
  5. Biological width around tooth = 2mm 
  6. Biological width around implant = 4 mm 
  7. Implant is made up of bio titanium and alloys like aluminum and validium 
  8. Large surface area of implant is MUST = better connection with bone aka osseointegration = given by BRANEMARK 
  9. Time required for osseointegration = less time in mandible = less than 4-6 months = this time is called Loading time 
  10. Sandblasting or acid etching the surface area = better connection 
  11. Earlier we use plane surface = less surface area than threaded surface 
  12. FACTORS 
    1. Density of bone = less density = Primary stability of implant is less and mobile 
    2. Location of bone and anatomical structures
      1. Posterior mandible = inferior alveolar nerve
      2. Posterior maxilla = maxillary sinus 
      3. Inferior mandible = mental nerve
      4. These structures needs to be avoided when placing the implant 
    1. First instrument used is PILOT drill of 2 mm  
    2. Minimum diameter of implant = 3.3 mm 
    3. Minimum Length of implant = 8 mm 
    4. Different dimensions based on available bone available by manufactures 
    5. Bone must not overheat = must increase beyond 47*c 
    6. Motor revolutions = 800 -1200 rpm must = below this RPM = heating of bone happens
    7. We also used coolant and irrigant so bone doesn’t overheat 
    8. If bone is overheated = causes necrosis and connection with bone will be impossible 
    9. Bacterial infections and debris must be absent 
  14. 0.5 mm of bone around the implant 
  15. From adjacent tooth = 1.15 mm
  16. Distance between two implants = 3 mm 
  17. 2gm of amoxicillin before 30 mins of implant placing 
  18. If implant is of 4mm size = drill site must be less than 4 mm for tight fit of implant into bone

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