1. Free gingival autograft = give by miller
  2. Free connective tissue autograft = LEVINE
  3. Laterally positioned flap = GRUPE AND WARREN
  4. Semilunar coronally positioned flap = TARNOW
  5. Subepithelial CTG = LANGER
  7. Pouch and tunnel technique = AZZI 

Laterally positioned flap

  1. TO COVER isolated areas of recession around a single tooth 
  2. Adequate vestibular depth 
  3. Variant = double papilla flap
  4. Disadv = compromised blood supply 

Coronally positioned flap 

  1. To cover 2-3 mm of recession 
  2. Done on multiple teeth 
  3. Best for maxillary anterior teeth
  4. Pt who have Thick gingival biotype = Good prognosis 

Semilunar coronally positioned flap

  1. Used to cover recession of 1 mm 
  2. Slight recessions in anterior regions 

Subepithelial CTG 

  1. Large and multiple areas of recessions 
  2. NELSON graft = better blood supply = bilaminar or subpedicle CTG 


  1. Maxillary area only 
  2. 5mm recessions = more than 4.98 mm 

POUCH AND TUNNEL = It allows for CREEPING REATTACHMENT of marginal gingiva.

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