What is the prognosis for a cracked tooth?

  1. The prognosis for a cracked tooth is always going to be questionable (Rivera & Walton 2008).
  2. The prognosis is always better if the crack does not extend to the pulp chamber floor (Turp & Gobetti 1996; Sim et al. 2016).
  3. Vital is better than necrotic (Turp & Gobetti 1996).
  4. The quality of the restoration and whether a full coverage crown may cover the crack and other defects are considerations (Rivera & Walton 2008), as is whether an abscess or radiographic rarefaction is present prior to treatment.
  5. These two factors would lower the prognosis of the tooth in question (Berman & Kuttler 2010).
  6. One study found that cracked teeth had a two-year survival rate of 85.5% (Tan et al. 2006).
  7. Another study found that after five years, the survival rate of root-filled cracked teeth was 92%, with the odds of extraction increasing if the cracks were in the root (Sim et al. 2016).
  8. Finally, a recent study from Korea showed a 90%, two-year survival rate for a cracked tooth, probing depths greater than 6 mm being a signifi- cant factor in the prognosis (Kang et al. 2016).

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