1. Main complexity is to achieve natural occlusion 
  2. One arch is natural = some wear and tear, crowns and fillings will be present. 
  3. Sometimes, Natural teeth = maloppsed, tipped 
  4. Probility = not good smooth or uneven occlusion plane seen in fabricated denture
  5. This will destablize the denture and ride resorption is faster 
  6. Acyrlic teeth = FAST wear and tear 
  7. Porcelain teeth results in the wear of the natural teeth. 
  8. Most preffered teeth = teeth with metal occlusion
  9. Types
    1. SCD opposing natural teeth. 
    2. SCD opposinga(pre-existing)complete denture
    3. SCD opposing a removable partial denture. 
    4. SCD opposing an overdenture. 
    1. A mandibular SCD opposing upper natural teeth is extremely complicated. 
      1. The reduced surface area of the lower ridge results in excessive forces on the ridge resulting in rapid bone resorption. 
      2. The lower SCD is therefore rarely indicated. 
    2. The upper SCD opposing lower natural anterior teeth often results in the combination syndrome sequence 1 
      1. Excessive load on the anterior region of the complete denture 
      2. Ridge resorption in the maxillary anterior region. 
      3. Epulis fissuratum is formed at the maxillary labial sulcus 
      4. Downward movement of posterior plane of occlusion producing excessive resorption of the mandibular posterior region
      5. Downward tilting of the occlusal plane in the posterior region produces an anterior openbite which leads to supraeruption of the lower anteriors. 
      6. This increases the load on the anterior region of the upper denture producing a vicious cycle 
    3. Combination syndrome type 2
      1. Ridge resorption in the mandibular edentulous area 
      2. Downward movement of the posterior part of maxillary denture and the formation of flabby tissue
      3. Supra-eruption of lower anteriors
      4. Increased load in the anterior maxillary region of the complete denture 
      5. Resorption in the anterior portion of maxillary ridge and the formation of flabby tissue 
    4. The fixed position of lower anterior natural teeth gives us less flexibility for aesthetic placement of upper natural teeth.
    5. Fracture of the SCD is a common problem, especially if opposed by natural teeth, because of the forces generated by the natural teeth. 

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