• Minor connector: connecting link between the major connector and other components of the RPD
  • MAXILLA = Must extend up to tuberosity 
  • MANDIBLE = must extent up to 2/3rd of the edentulous area or cover retromolar pad
  • Must be rigid to distribute the stress between the linked components, must not impinge on the mucosa, the mucosal surface must be highly polished

Functions of the minor connector : 

  1. Join the denture parts together 
  2. Transfer functional stresses to abutment teeth through the occlusal rest 
  3. Transfer the effect of the retainer, rests, stabilizing components to the rest of the denture 


  1. Joins the clasp assembly to major connector
    1. Broad B-L and Thin M-D = allow easy placement of prosthetic teeth. 
    2. Triangular cross-section
    3. Lingual embrasure = bulk is not evident 
  1. Joins indirect retainer to major connector
    1. 90 degrees to the major connector but slightly curved as it will decrease the concentration of stress
    2. Should always fit into embrasure areas 
  2. Joins denture base to major connector (draw)
    1. Open lattice 
    2. Mesh or ladder pattern = Require acrylic attachments
    3. Bead, wires, and nail heads = capture acrylic material 
    4. Class III is completely tooth supported = do not reline procedure
    5. Class I and II = are distal extension cases = Relining or rebasing procedure, therefore metal parts should not be in direct contact with tissue = Hence, METAL nail heads and beads come in direct contact with underline tissue.
    6. External and internal finish lines are necessary for class I and Class II situations 
  3. Serves as an approach arm for the vertical projection or bar clasp. 

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