1. Teeth are extracted and on the same day = denture is inserted
  2. We are placing denture on bone that has not be resorped yet
  3. After extraction = bone resorption is high 
  4. Hence, relining at 5th months and 10th month 
  5. First phase of resorption completed at 5th month
  6. Second phase of resorption completed at 10th month
  7. TYPES
    1. CID = conventional immediate denture
      1. Posteriors are extracted first 
      2. Anterior are extracted on the day of denture insertion 
    2. IID = interim immediate denture 
      1. All teeth are extracted on same day 
      2. This denture needs to be changed after 12 months 
      3. Recontruction of a new denture is MUST.
      4. Relining is NOT done 
    3. All immediate dentures = not to be removed for first 24 hours = due to swelling = entire denture will be tight 
    4. Adv = pt doesnt not stay without teeth even for a day 
    5. Disadv = anterior try in is not possible 
    6. All cases of immediate dentures case 
      1. Denture is fabricated first 
      2. Then extractions are performed 
    7. Special type = JIFFY DENTURE
      1. Type of interim immediate denture
      2. Made up of self cure resin 
      3. Not permanent 

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