A developmental anomaly characterized by heterotrophic collections of sebaceous glands at various sites in oral cavity.


  • Results from inclusion in oral cavity of ectoderm having some potentialities of skin in course of development of maxillary and mandibular process during embryonic life.


  • SEX- no gender prediliction
  • AGE- adults
  • SITE- Oral mucosa

clinical presentation

  • Small yellow spots either discreatly seperated/forming relatively large plaques-projecting slightly above the surface of the tissue.
  • bilaterally symmetrical pattern.
  • most common sites include-
    • oral mucosa
    • lips
    • retromolar area
    • tongue
    • gingiva
    • frenum
    • palate


  • Lobules of sebaceous duct beneath the epithelium.
  • sebaceous cells are polygonal with centrally located nucleus and foamy cytoplasm.
  • these sebaceous glands are unassociated with hair follicles.
  • may show keratin plugging.


No treatment is required.

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