1. Given by MM housei in 1950 
  2. Philosophical = 
    1. best pt 
    2. as they understand the limitations and efforts of any treatment  
    3. eg 3-4 seatings, increase saliva, effect in phonetics etc
  3. Exacting = 
    1. pt who have precise demands = eg when i smile my canine should be visible
    2. If Rx is not best = dentist have to try and convince them 
    3. Easily converted into philosophical
  4. Indifferent 
    1. Not worst patient 
    2. No demands
    3. Whatever Rx you do = patient doesn’t bother 
  5. Hysterical and Skeptical
    1. Worst pt 
    2. Bad full of dentures
    3. Pt will start with complaints about past denture failures and will have issues withpast and current dentist 
    4. This pt is NOT satisfied = hence, A long list of complains

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