Overwhelmed about upcoming university exams?

As promised here is meself pretending like its Decemeber 2020 and there is nobody more fired up for fourth year exams than me. 🥲

It’s so very easy to get caught up in downward spiral of self doubt and past failures, even though I try to be as optimistic as I can..I am not immune to it. So, I lost few days to overthinking and worrying but not anymore.

I believe a lot of us are in the same position, we want to do our best, we want to study for many many hrs a day, we want to get done with our daily targets but there is some invisible force stopping us, making us give half hearted attempts at everything we try to do.

As for the identity of this invisible force, I believe its fear and self doubt and a feeling of being alone in our struggle, all these cloaked and disguised so that we cant figure out how to fight it.

But I have figured it out, like I mentioned before I have a superawsome brain, (it might not fetch me a cool rank in exam but it does other really wonderful things). 😂😂

So, here is my plan to fight off these invisible forces and make room for the possibility of a bright future –
🧠 Forget about strategies, just read, anything, all the time, if boring subjects are giving you a hard time, switch immediately, there is no time to waste.
🧠 7 hrs a day is a must!
🧠 I will focus on strengthening the 80% syllabus that will get me 70% scores
🧠 Watching 2 to 3 video lectures on a daily basis especially live classes or interactive classes, especially of your fav teachers or subjects will give you enough boost!
🧠 Encourage and support each other, that’s the best way to not succumb to despair.

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