The Closed mandibular nerve block đź’‰

❇️ The Vazirani-Akinosi technique:

🔆“It is a specific method of nerve block in the mandibular region, carried out with the mouth closed.

❇️ The area of distribution of the anaesthesia includes

a) the corresponding dental arch,

b) the body of the jaw and the inferior ramus,

c) the gingiva/mucosa and vestibular periosteum, anterior to the mental foramen

d) the area of distribution of the lingual nerve: 2/3 of the anterior of the tongue and floor of the mouth, the gingiva/ mucosa and lingual periosteum.

🔆» The main indication, already anticipated, is trismus: classically this is contraction of the masticatory musculature which prevents the performance of effective inferior alveolar anaesthesia, for example, in cases of pulpitis or an abscess of a lower molar.

– By Dr. Sneha poeghal , Mallareddy institute of dental sciences , hyd .

References – Malamed

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