The black fungus

❇️We have been hearing some terrible stories of Black Fungus and how it is spreading and causing an epidemic. This is scary. This has to be stopped and it can only be done by self care.

❇️The cause for the development of black fungus is largely attributed to the unhygienic usage of masks, yes you read that right. Each person has bacteria and virus within themselves that don’t cause any harm. There is enough evidence that the Covid recovered patients when use unhygienic masks, let the bacteria develop and grow into a fungus when it meets moisture in the mask. This gets inhaled again and thus becomes fatal.

🦷What are categorized as unhygienic masks: 1. Reusage of one time use masks 2. Sharing masks

❇️Let’s wake up now before things get worse. Let’s follow these simple steps to contain the epidemic in its initial phase.

  1. Reusable masks to be washed and sun dried after each use
  2. One time use masks to be disposed in a safe way
  3. Stop sharing masks
  4. Avoid prolonged usage of masks by reaching home as soon as you can or taking a fresh breather when it’s safe to do so.

– by Dr. Sneha poeghal BDS from Malla Reddy institute of dental sciences ,hyd.

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