Toothbrushing comprises the most important part of our daily oral hygiene regime. Thus, it becomes very important for us to choose a toothbrush which is comfortable to use as well as functionally efficient.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with different types of brushes, be it manual or electric. This evolvement in the variety of toothbrushes has made it difficult for us to decide upon which toothbrush is best for us.

Here are few practical tips which can help you make the correct choice for your healthy whites-

  • The brush you choose should have soft bristles as hard-bristled brushes can cause your gums to recede. This can further cause increased dental sensitivity issues.
  • A small headed brush is more beneficial as it can easily fit in your mouth can access at least 2 teeth at a time (ADA recommendation 1’’ long and 0.5’’ wide)
  • The filaments of the brush should be round-ended to prevent any trauma to the gums.
  • A compact, angled arrangement of short and long filaments to access the interdental areas and sulcus.
  • A comfortable handle, preferably the one with indentations to prevent slippage from the hand while brushing.

Irrespective of the brush you choose, it is important that you follow the correct brushing technique and brush for atleast 2 minutes to increase the lifespan of your whites.

If you are using a manual brush, it is important to replace it once every 3 months or whenever the brush shows any signs of wear and tear.

So, next time when you are in the supermarket checking out the vast variety of brushes, try to look out for these few things in your brush and you will be able to make the correct choice.



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