ProTaper Rotary File System

Developed in 2001 by- Dr. Cliff Ruddle, Dr. Pierre Machtou, Dr. John West, in cooperation with Dentsply Maillefer.

This system has 3 shaping and 5 finishing files.

Shaping files:-

  • Sx: 19/0.035
  • S1: 17/0.02
  • S2: 20/0.04

Finishing files:-

  • F1: 20/0.07
  • F2: 25/0.08
  • F3: 30/0.09
  • F4: 40/0.06
  • F5: 50/0.06

The cross section of all these files is convex triangular.

1.) Sx- Auxilliary shaping ProTaper file

  • No identification ring
  • Shorter in length: 19mm
  • Allows the shaping of coronal aspects of root canal and relocation of canal orifices in the direction of overhanging dentine area resulting in straight line access.

2.) S1, S2- Shaping ProTaper files

  • Purple and white identification rings respectively.
  • S1- to prepare the coronal one-third.
  • S2- to prepare the middle one-thirs.

3.) F1,F2,F3- Finishing ProTaper files

  • Yellow, red and blue identification rings respectively.
  • Each file has a fixed taper for the first 3mm and then a decreasing taper from D4 to D16. This:
    • Ensures continuous flexibility withing the file.
    • Avoids too large diameter at the shaft area of the instrument.
    • Reduces the potential for dangerous taper lock.
    • Enhances the strength of the file.

4.) F4,F5- Finishing ProTaper files:

  • Help in the apical preparation of larger canals.
  • F4 has 2 black rings and F5 has 2 yellow rings.
  • The body of both the files has a progressively decreasing taper and hence ensures excellent flexibility.

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