Tongue (part -2)

Functions of tongue : deglutition, taste sensation, speech, mastication

Blood Supply

●Tongue is mainly supplied by lingual artery branch of external carotid artery, tonsilar branch of facial artery and Ascending pharyngeal artery branch of external carotid artery

● Venous drainage : dorsal lingual veins and deep lingual veins

● Sensory supply: lingual nerve supplies anterior 2/3rd of tongue, glossopharngeal nerve supplies posterior 1/3rd of tongue, Vagus nerve supplies posterior most part of tongue

● Motor supply : All extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the tongue are supplied by hypoglossal nerve except palatoglossus supplied by vagus nerve

Clinical significance

● Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) : Occurs due to abnormal length of frenulum that extends to the tip of the tongue . Ankyloglossia can be corrected surgically.

● Fissured tongue: Occurs when small furrows present on dorsal surface of the tongue. They are generally painless and benign and often associated with other syndromes

● Geographic tongue: asymptomatic and benign characterized by presence of red patches with greyish white border covering dorsum of tongue

Interesting facts

● An average adult has 2000- 4000 taste buds

● You cannot see your taste buds with naked eye. Those tiny pink and white bumps you see are actually papillae

● Tongue muscles are only muscles in the body working independent of the skeleton

● An oversized tongue is indicative of sleep apnea disorder

● Children sense flavours more intensely compared to adults. Umami is new variant of taste , monosodium glutamate is chemical responsible for this taste

● Women have shorter tongue than men.

● Your tongue is germ free only of its pink. If it is white there is a thin film of bacteria on it

● Blue whale has largest tongue in animal kingdom and weighs 5400lbs

Reference: B.D chaurasia and interesting facts from google

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