Flexible denture base ( soft dentures)

•Our denture base is hard not flexible.So polyamide is added in flexible dentures to make them flexible and enhance the properties.

• Allergic reaction with conventional denture bases is because of free monomer and due to polymethyl methacrylate.

• Main properties of using flexible denture bases over the conventional ones are to avoid allergies to acrylic and metal and to improve retention.

• To improve aesthetic and make them more acceptable to patient.

• Flexible dentures help to avoid some kind of pain associated with old style denture models.

• Flexible denture bases helps to achieve greater stability and comfort.

• In addition to these benefits flexible denture are also designed to be porous and to breathe better.

• This helps to prevent the build up of bacteria on the denture.

• Nowadays it has become selective treatment of option. No more ugly metal wires.No more broken dentures.

• It is indicated in full dentures , partial dentures. Unique features of flexible denture Base are flexibility, strength, transparency, high impact resistance and high solvent resistance.

• Commercial names of flexible denture base are valplast, proflex, sunflex, unbreakable flexit plus dentures.

Reference :- Self notes

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