• Mode of Action:alpha and beta receptor agonist
  • DOSE: :ACLS: 1 mg 1:10,000 IV PALS: 0.01 mg/kg 1:10,000 IV
  • Anaphylaxis: 0.1-0.5 mg 1:1,000 IM/SQ (IM preferred)
  • Peds anaphylaxis/asthma: 0.01 mg/kg 1:1,000 IM/SQ (max single dose 0.3 mg)
  • Hypotension refractory to IVF: 1-10 mcg/min IV 
  • EMERGENT INDICATIONS: anaphylaxis, ACLS arrest, PALS/NRP arrest, severe asthma
  • WARNINGS:  dosing errors (10 fold errors), tissue necrosis (needs to administered via central venous line), dysrhythmias, Preg C
  • Reference:Dental ghoms Textbook Of Oral Medicine

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