Angular Stomatitis/Cheilitis


Stomatitis is inflammation of the mouth. Cheilitis is inflammation of the lip. Angular stomatitis in the painful ‘split’ at the corner of the mouth ‘labial commissure’


Commonly seen in edentulous elderlyCan be secondary candidal infection


MalnutritionElderly – poorly fitting denturesB12/6 or Folate or Iron deficiencySeborrhoeic dermatitis


Fissuring of the skin and even ulceration at the corners of the mouthOften painful with evident redness and symptoms

Differential Diagnosis

Oral cancer if persisting, atypical symptoms


FBC, ESR, B12, Folate, Ferritin for Megaloblastic anaemia (B12/folate deficiency)


Assessment for new dentures and wearing them will possibly help.Vioform-hydrocortisone cream (hydrocortisone 1%, clioquinol 3%) will reduce inflammation and treat staphylococcal or Candida infection.

Reference: Burket’s Oral Medicine by Michael Glick.

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