Types of toothbrushes

Toothbrushes have been in existence since thousands of years and have become an indispensable part of our life. Earlier it used to be in the form of chew stick format but over time, different formats of tooth brushes emerged such as tree twigs, bird feathers and porcupine quills.

Let us know about the different type of toothbrushes available in today’s market

Manual toothbrush

  • The most common form of toothbrush available in our homes is manual toothbrush.
  • Bristles available for this type of toothbrush are soft, medium or hard bristled. Most dentists advice soft bristled brush but other two help in removal of more plaque but that may wear away the enamel if brushed too hard
  • Round or square shaped headed toothbrushes are available but diamond shaped head is more convenient to rach the back and sides of molars
  • Toothbrush handle design includes straight, contra-angle, non-slip grip and flexible types.

Electric toothbrush

  • An electric toothbrush performs rotations of its bristles and cleans hard to reach places. Some even have timers to help you brush more effectively. It has been discovered that compared to a manual brush, the multi-directional power brush might reduce the incidence of gingivitis and plaque.
  • Electric toothbrushes are further divided into three types depending on speed of its movements – standard power toothbrushes

Sonic toothbrush is powered toothbrush that is fast enough to produce a hum in the audible frequency

Ultrasonic toothbrush is a powered toothbrush which is faster than the sonic toothbrush

Interdental toothbrush

  • Also called interproximal brush used for cleaning between teeth and between the wires and dental braces and teeth


  • it is used specifically to clean along the gumline adjacent to the teeth.
  • A sulcabrush is ideal for cleaning specific difficult-to-reach areas, such as between crowns, bridgework and crowded teeth.

End-tuft brush

  • It is a small round brush head compromising of Seven tufts of tightly packed soft nylon bristles, trimmed so the bristles in the center can reach deeper into small spaces.

Chewable toothbrush

  • It is a miniature plastic molded toothbrush which can be placed inside the mouth.
  • They are generally used by travellers
  • It is usually available in different flavours such as mint or bubble gum

Ecological toothbrush

  • These are toothbrushes made out of biodegradable substances such as wooden handles, bristles of bamboo or pig bristles and replaceable heads

source : http://www.malidds.com

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