Artificial intelligence shaping dentistry

  • Artificial intelligence refers to the stimulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.
  • On the other hand, artificial general intelligence (AGI) is probably what we are thinking of when we hear AI. AGI isn’t quite developed yet. AI, however, is very much present and growing in every industry, from consumer technology to health care

How is AI currently used in dentistry?

In dentistry, AI is being used for different applications. First, AI is currently being used for voice commands, such as with DEXvoice by Simplifeye and DEXIS (software platforms).

Phrases such as “Alexa, show me the bitewings of number 19” will soon be uttered in dental practices around the country.

Through machine learning, MMG Fusion’s chairfill ( software designed to help dental practices fill holes in the schedule) retrieves data from a dentist’s record and analyzes it. Chairfill can find the most profitable dentistry not yet provided, communicate with patients directly, and even book patients appointments. It does all of this without human involvement.

Scientists are already using AI in caries detection. One company utilising AI in this way is Its algorithm is designed to take a large data set of radiographs and recognise patterns within that data. As a result, it hepls practitioners more accurately to identify carious lesions.

The founders of predict that AI will be tightly woven into the fabric of how dentistry is done.

The primary llimitationsto AI are insufficient data and inaccurate data. This means that clinicians today should focus on collecting the data now to be able to use it fully in the future. If we can do that, we can continue to provide greater care to our patients.

Source : journal of dental economics

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