Muhad Noorman P, Team Dentowesome, Final year

Reference: Davidsons Internal medicine , Internet

Wilson’s disease, also known as hepatolenticular degeneration and progressive lenticular degeneration, is a rare genetic disorder that causes copper overload in the body.

Common cause of liver cirrohsis in children.

Etiology:- A mutation in the ATP7B gene, which codes for copper transportation, causes Wilson’s disease

Clinical Features:-

Liver related
Nausea, weakness, vomiting, jaundice, bloating, spider angiomas, muscle cramps etc..

Memory, Speech impairments. Altered gait, personality changes, headache, insomnia etc…

Characteristic clinical signs:- SUNFLOWER CATARACT AND KAYSER-FLEISCHER RINGS. KF rings are golden brown ring like discoloration of eyes due to copper deposition.

Lab investigation:- Altered Liver enzymes
Elevated Serum copper level
Increased urinary copper excretion. Low Serum ceruloplasmin level. Liver biopsy will reveal copper deposition. Imaging like MRI/CT for lenticular imaging.

Treatment:-. Copper chelating agents like d-penicillamine, Trientine etc.. can be used. Oral Zinz tetrathiomolybdate can be given ti reduce dietary absorption of Copper.

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