Clinical Signs In Oral Pathology/ Medicine

Dentowesome- Muhad Noorman P
Final year

Asboe-Hansen sign (also known as indirect Nikolsky sign) refers to the extension of a blister to adjacent unblistered skin when pressure is put on the top of the intact bulla.

Auspitz’s sign is the appearance of punctate bleeding spots when psoriasis scales are scraped off, named after Heinrich Auspitz.This happens because there is thinning of the epidermal layer overlying the tips of the dermal papillae and blood vessels within the papillae are dilated and tortuous, which bleed readily when the scale is removed.

Button-hole sign: Neurofibromatosis. invagination of a nodule when pressed with a finger, a characteristic of neurofibromatosis

Carpet tack lesions: Discoid lupus erythematosus. There are follicular hyperkeratotic plugs causing a carpet tack appearance as they project from the undersurface of the scale when it is removed from advanced lesions.

Charcot’s triad: Seen in multiple sclerosis, characterized by intention tremor, nystagmus, dysarthria

Crowe’s sign: Found in Neurofibromatosis. Presence of axillary freckling in people with neurofibromatosis type I.

Gorlin sign: Ehler -Danlos Syndrome. Ability to touch the tip of the nose with tongue and touch the elbow with the tongue

Higomenakis’s sign: Congenital syphilis. A unilateral enlargement of the sternoclavicular portion of the clavicle, seen in congenital syphilis

Millian sign: Erysipelas. Involvement of the ear (Milian’s ear sign) is a distinguishing feature for erysipelas since this region does not contain deeper dermis tissue.

Nikolsky’s sign: Epidermolysis bullosa, pemphigus, Severe Steven –Johnson syndrome etc. Application of lateral oblique pressure to skin yeild formation of new blisters.

Oil drop sign: Psoriasis. A translucent discolouration in the nail bed that resembles a drop of oil beneath the nail plate.

Reference: Neville Textbook of oral Pathology. Cawsons essential oral pathology
Regezi and Batsakis Oral pathology

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