Characteristic Cells in Oral Pathology

Muhad Noorman P, Team dentowesome, Final year

Anitschkow cell: Modified macrophages with nuclei having caterpillar apperance ( linear bar of chromatin with peripheral radiating chromatins . Found in Recurrent Apthous stomatitis, Iron deficiency Anemia, megaloblastic Anemia, children receiving chemotherapy.

Langerhans cells : Bone marrow derived antigen presenting cells found in epidermis positive for CD1a and Bierbeck Granules. Increased in Langerhans cell histocytosis and decreased in Psoriasis etc.. Named after Paul Langerhans

Tzank Cells: Enlarged , Balooned up degenerating keratinocytes with enlarged vesicular hyperchromatic nucleus, basophilic cytoplasm and diminished nucleoli and perinuclear halo appearance. Named after Arnault Tzank. Found in Herpes Simplex infection, Herpes Zoster, Pemphigus vulgaris, Varicella.

Langhans Giant cells: They are formed by the fusion of epithelioid cells and contain multiple nuclei arranged in a horseshoe-shaped pattern in the cell periphery or are arranged circumferentially. Named after Theodor Langhans. Found in granulomatous lesions like Tuberculosis, tuberculous Leprosy.

Downey cells : Atypical lymphocytes, abundant pale blue cytoplasm and irregular chromatin . Found in infectious mononucleosis. Named after Hal Downey.

Warthin Finkeldy Giant cells : Giant cells with upto 100 nuclei, cytoplasmic and nuclear inclusions. Pathognomic of measels infection. Named after Warthin and Finkeldy.

Reed–Sternberg cells: They are named after Dorothy Reed Mendenhall and Carl Sternberg. They are large cells that either are multinucleated or have a bilobed nucleus (having an “owl’s eye” appearance) with prominent eosinophilic nucleoli.Reed–Sternberg cells are giant cells found in Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL).

Gaucher Cells : Glucocerebroside laden macrophages containing tubular cytoplasmic inclusions. (Crumbled tissue paper apperance) Hallmark of gaucher disease. Staining positive for Wright and PAS stain.

Rushton bodies : Peculiar linear , curved- hyaline homogeneous structure found in wall of ODONTOGENIC cysts like periapical cyst, dentigerous cyst etc..

Ghost cells: Well defined, eosinophilc, elliptoid fused epithelial cells with blurred apperance. Found in Ghost cell odontogenic tumor, Calcifying epithelial odontogenic cyst, odontoma, craniopharyngioma etc..

Rusells bodies : Large eosinophilc immunoglobulin containing inclusion bodies found in plasma cells. Distented endoplasmic reticulum staining positive for PAS, CD38 etc. Found in chronic inflammations. Aggregate Is called Mott bodies.

Reference : Internet, Shafers oral pathology, Neville Oral pathology

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