Risk factor of dental Caries :-

Dental caries :- It is multifactorial microbial infectious disease characterized by demineralization of the inorganic destruction of the organic substance of the tooth.

Risk factor of dental caries are as follows :-

  1. Deep pits and fissures
  2. Lower socioeconomic status
  3. Recreational drug use
  4. Inadequate saliva flow
  5. Frequent snaking between meals
  6. Exposed roots
  7. Orthodontic appliances
  8. Any physical or mental illness or any oral application or restoration
  9. Inadequate exposure to flouride
  10. Visible heavy plaque on teeth
  11. Medium or high S. mutans and lactobacillus counts

Reference :-

Writing :- notes made from mastering bds and Soben Peter books

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