Psychology :-

It is science dealing with human nature and behaviour.

It also includes understanding of pattern of mental process, characteristics of an individual.

(Sigmund Freud 1905)

Theory is modified by instinctive need and sexual factors

1) Oral stage :- (0-1 years)

Primary zone of pleasure is oral region and infants obtain gratification by stimulation of oral areas.

2) Anal stage :- (1-3 years)

Gratification is obtained by control of anal musculature for elimination and retension, provides him with sense of independence and autonomy.

3) Phallic stage :- (3-6 years)

Understands difference between sexes. Oedipus and electra complex develops.

4) Latency stage :- (7-12 years)

Libido submerges and child becomes unisexual. Personal identification begins and tries to socialize.

Reference :-

Writing :- notes made from mastering bds and Soben Peter books

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