Pit and fissure sealants :-

They are defined as cements or a resin which is introduced into unprepared occlusal pit and fissures of caries susceptible teeth forming a mechanical and physical protective layer against action of acid producing bacteria and substrates


  • 1 st generation sealants were achieved with an ultraviolet source
  • 2nd generation sealants are auto polymerizing
  • 3rd generation sealants are photoinitiated with visible light
  • Another recent innovation is flouride containing sealants

Indications :-

  • For deep occlusal fissure
  • Lingual pit
  • Occlusal fossa

Contraindications :-

  • Open occlusal caries lesions
  • Caries exist on other surfaces of same tooth
  • A large occlusal restoration is already present

Procedure :-

  1. Polish tooth surface
  2. Isolate and dry tooth surface
  3. Etch tooth surface
  4. Rinse tooth
  5. Isolate and dry tooth
  6. Apply bonding agent and cure it
  7. Material application- sealant material is applied to the tooth
  8. Evaluate the tooth
  9. Check oçcusal

Reference :-

Writing :- Notes made from mastering bds and Soben Peter books

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