Dental payments :-

It is defined as an arrangement under which a carrier and beneficiary are liable for a share of cost of dental service provided.

Mode of payments :-

A) Private fee for service :-  It is two party arrangement. In this patient takes appointment and dentist suggest appropriate treatment and inform patient about fee.

B) Post payment plans   :-  1st step to offer service through organized dental society plan. Under this patient borrows money from bank or finance company to pay to dentist fee.

C) Prepayment plans :-  It is 3rd party plan.  1) Insuarance companies.  2) Non profitable health service corporates e.g delta dental plans, blue sheild or blue cross.  3). Prepaid group practice.  4).  Capitation plans

D) Salary

E) Public programs

Reference :-

Writing :- notes made from mastering bds and Soben Peter books

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