Osteoarthritis :-

It is degenerative disease of weight-bearing joints, although TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) is not a weight bearing joint.

Clinical features :-

  • Pain rarely presents
  • Causes clicking sounds while opening and closing mouth
  • Limitation of movements of jaw
  • Sometimes inflammation can be seen

Histopathology :-

  • Vertical and horizontal cracks on articular cartilage
  • Cartilage becomes less elastic
  • Degeneration of chondrocyte
  • localised destruction of cartilage

Treatment :-

  • NSAIDs are extremely beneficial for treating patients with TMJ Osteoarthritis as they have a dual effect of reducing pain and reducing inflammation. 
  • Condylectomy should be considered in severe cases

Reference :-

Images :- Google
Writing :- notes made from mastering bds, Sanjay Kumar Purkait books

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