Dysplasia :-

It is histological cannotation to premalignance marked by abbarent and uncoordinated cellular proliferation depicted at cellular level as atypia which is reflected as dysplasia.

An oral precancerous lesion, also called dysplasia, is a growth that contains abnormal cells confined to the lining of the oral cavity, or mouth. This lining is called the mucosa. It covers the inside of the cheeks, the inside of the lips, the gums, the tongue, and the roof and floor of the mouth.

Dysplasia can be mild moderate and severe.

Clinical features :-

  1. Increased mitosis
  2. Loss of basal polarity
  3. Hyperchromatism of cell
  4. Increased nuclear cytoplasmic ratio
  5. Nuclear atypia
  6. Large prominent nucei
  7. Epithelial pearl
  8. Individual cell keratinisation

Treatment :-

  • NSAIDs for pain and inflammation medical treatment.
  • Excision of the part which is affected along with some part of healthy tissue. This is done under anesthesia.

Reference :-

Image :- Google
Writing :- notes made from mastering bds and Sanjay Kumar Purkait books

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