Ankylosis of TMJ :-

It is one of most incapacitating of all diseases involving this structure.

Types :-

  • In Complete Ankylosis i.e there is limitation of motion.
  • In Unilateral Ankylosis i.e chin is displaced.
  • In Intra-articular Ankylosis, joint undergoes progressive destruction.
  • In Extra-articular Ankylosis, splitting of TMJ.

Clinical features :-

  • Occurs before 10 years of age
  • Equal sex distribution
  • Restriction in opening of mouth
  • Injury at infancy or childhood, there is associated facial deformity.
  • Pain may occur in some cases
  • Inflammation may be seen

Treatment :-

  • NSAIDS can be use as medical treatment.
  • Surgical methods like condylectomy intraoral coronoidectomy, ramus osteotomy, high condylectomy, forceful opening of the jaw under general anesthesia, lysis of adhesions of the pterygoid space.

Reference :-

Image :- Google
Writing :- notes made from mastering bds and Sanjay Kumar Purkait books

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