Rickets :-

Deficiency of Vitamin D in early childhood may lead to rickets.

Skeleton is poorly developed because of defective calcification in growing bones due to decreased absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Clinical features :-

  1. Craniotabes  (softening or thinking of skull ). 
  2. Malocclusion of teeth.  
  3. Eruption of teeth is delayed.           
  4. Higher caries index. 
  5. Bow legs.                                            
  6. Pigeon chest (malformation of chest).                                                     
  7. Harisson’s sulcus ( it is a horizontal groove along the lower border of the thorax corresponding to the costal insertion of the diaphragm). 
  8. Rachitic rosary (beading of ribs).

Treatment :-

  1. Vitamin D 2000 – 3000 IU daily.
  2. Orthopedic treatment

Reference :-

Image :- Google
Writing :- notes made from mastering bds , Sanjay Kumar Purkait book , Dr S N chugh books

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