Mucocele :-

It is not true cyst, it occurs due to retention of mucous material, due to trauma, involving salivary glands and their ducts

Clinical features :-

  • It occurs on lower lip, but may also occur in palate,cheek,tongue,floor of mouth.                                                     
  • Recurrence is common.                   
  • Superficial lesion appears as raised, bluish,translucent.
  • There are two types a. Extravasation type  b. Retention type.
  • Extravasation type is far more common than retention type.

Histological features:-

  • Cavity of mucocele is lined by stratified squamous epithelium.           
  • It’s wall is made of compressed fibrous connective tissue and fibroblast.                                               
  • Lumen is filled with eosinophilic coagulum.

Treatment :-


Reference :-

Images :- Google
Writing :- notes made from Swapan Kumar Purkait, Mastering bds books

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