Effects of radiation on oral tissue :-

Effects of radiation on oral structures depends on various factors :-

  1. Source of radiation. 
  2. Total amount of radiation.                         
  3. Fractionation.                                       
  4. Type of filtration.                                  
  5. Total area of tissue irradiated.
  • Initially mucosa becomes erythematous and atrophic.                 
  • Mucositis develops later on necrosis, denudation, ulceration and sloughing of epithelium.                                      
  • Pain, discomfort and secondary infections etc occur commonly. 
  • Mucositis may extend to large area of oral cavity,nasopharynx,esophagus etc.
  • Very often there is loss or alteration of taste sensation due to degeneration of taste buds.                                             
  • Pain and discomfort remains for about two weeks.                           
  • Mucosa becomes coarse and atrophic after healing in many cases.               
  • Use of prosthesis must be completely stopped till complete recovery

Image :- Google website. Writting :- Notes made from Sanjay Kumar Purkait and Mastering bds books

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