Ozone Therapy for the Treatment of Caries

HealOzone (KaVo Dental, Biberach, Germany)

Dental caries is caused by bacteria, and as ozone will kill certain bacteria,many studies have investigated whether ozone is effective in arresting the progression of caries. No serious side effects to the treatment have been reported.

Advocates of this treatment modality recommend ozone as a disinfectant gas to eliminate bacteria from occlusal caries (up to 2mm in depth), root carious lesions, and pit and fissure lesions, often with the absence of further operative treatment. The carious lesion is encouraged to remineralize over 4 weeks using fluoride and mineral mouthwashes, toothpaste, and sprays.

Baysan and Lynch (2004) found that ozone application for 10–20s eliminated most of the microorganisms found in primary root caries lesions. Ozone can reduce the numbers of S. mutans and S. sobrinus on saliva-coated glass beads in vitro (Baysan et al. 2000). However, the role that this disinfection process can play in the long-term reversal of previously active carious lesions is controversial.

Rickard et al. (2004) analyzed the available published literature and concluded that “given the high risk of bias in the available studies and lack of consistency between different outcome measures, there is no reliable evidence that application of ozone gas to the surface of decayed teeth stops or reverses the decay process.” Further research is necessary

With the HealOzone system (KaVo Dental, Biberach, Germany), ozone gas is delivered via a special handpiece that fits over and bathes the tooth. HealOzone (KaVo Dental, Biberach, Germany) delivers ozone gas, which
disinfects the tooth. The minimally carious lesion is encouraged to remineralize over a period of 4 weeks using fluoride and mineral mouthwashes, toothpaste and sprays.

Dr. Iswarya. V, BDS

Reference : Operative Dentistry – Hugh Devlin

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