Dental eyesight of Platelet – Rich Fibrin

Role of Platelet – Rich Fibrin (PRF) in dentistry

It is a natural Fibrin-based biomaterial prepared from autologous blood and is clinically used to deliver growth factors in high concentration to the site having a bone defect or requiring augmentation.

It is introduced by Dr. Choukroun. et. Al, 2000. It is a second generation platelet concentrate that contains platelets and growth factors, prepared from self blood devoid of anticoagulant or other artificial modifiers.


10ml of human blood is taken in a test-tube without any anticoagulant and is centrifuged in a tabletop centrifuge machine for 12 minutes at 2500RPM or 10 minutes at 3000RPM.

After centrifugation, the three components in the blood are localised in the test tube.

  1. Red blood cells (at bottom)
  2. A Fibrin clot (in middle)
  3. Plasma (at top)

Fibrin clot is extracted from the test-tube with a pair of sterile forceps and PRF is obtained by removing the red clot from its lower end.


  1. Soft tissue augmentation with flap / graft
  2. Pre-prosthetic surgery
  3. Sinus lift surgery


  1. Minimal blood manipulation
  2. No addition of external thrombin
  3. Simple and efficient preparation
  4. Better healing
  5. Economical
  6. Presence of growth factors


  1. Final amount is very less
  2. Use of glass-coated tube


Should not be performed on patients with:

  1. Metastatic disease
  2. Poor prognosis
  3. Platelet disorders
  4. Wound infections and sepsis

Dr Iswarya V

General Practitioner,


Reference : Oxford Clinical Dentistry

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