NEET MDS – How To Prepare For Fixed Partial Denture?

Fixed Partial Denture is a part of Prosthodontics which is considered to be an important and extensive subject in NEET MDS. At least 2-5 questions from Fixed Partial Denture can be expected in the NEET PG Exam. This subject requires a thorough study of exam pattern and the ability to recognize the important topics.

We have compiled a list of Questions in this article, which MERITERS experts will answer and are very essential for an effective and efficient preparation:

  1. What is the subject wise Weightage?
  2. Which Books to refer?
  3. How much Time should be allocated to the subject?
  4. How much Time should be allocated to each Topic?
  5. How many times should the subject be Revised?
  6. What is the Ideal time to Start the subject?
  7. What are the Important Topics for NEET MDS?
  8. Types of Questions asked?

What is the subject wise Weightage?

Standard books to Refer?



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Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics

Author : Stephen F. Rosenstiel BDS MSD 

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How much Time should be allocated for the Subject?

  • Theory reading – 1-2 Days
  • MCQ Practice- 1 week

How much Time should be allocated to each Topic?

  • Theory reading – 2-3 Hours
  • MCQ Practice-  6-8 Hours

How many Times should the subject be Revised?

  • 4-6 times revision is required

What is the Ideal time to Start the subject?

  • 4th quarter of the preparation 
  • After completing 17-19 subjects

Fixed Partial Denture – Important Topics

Diagnosis and treatment planningDiagnostic Casts
Indications, Contra Indications
Pontic Designs, Trauma from Occlusion
Mouth Preparation
Retainers and connectorsComponents of FPD
Indications for Non-Rigid FPD
Partial Veneer Crowns Indications and Contra Indications Porcelain Jacket Crown
AbutmentsAnte’s Law
Optimum Crown-Root Ratio
Root Surface Area of Each Tooth
PonticsTypes of Pontics and their Important Features
Gingival End of Pontic
Pontics Suitable for Anterior Region
Pontics Suitable for Posterior Region
Technical considerationsForces acting on Abutment Tooth
Structural Durability
Retention, Taper
Freedom of Displacement
Reduction, Types of Crowns
Three-Quarter Crowns
Retentive Grooves
Porcelain Jacket Crown
Indications of Laminates
Metal Ceramic Restorations
Types of Finish Lines and their Indications
Pier Abutment
Lost Salt Technique
Maryland Bridge
Rochette Bridge
Virginia Bridge
MiscellaneousGingival Retraction
Failure of Abutment
Cementation and post- cementation problemsThickness of Luting Cement
Occlusal Disharmony
Occlusal considerationsVariation between Centric Relation and Maximum Intercuspation
Canine Protected Occlusion
Bennett Shift
Bennett Movement
Working Side
Non-Working Side
Selective Grinding
Beyron’s Point
Types of Bone Quality

What Type of Questions were asked in NEET?

1. Single best answer

  • Case Based
  • Fact Based (Memory)
  • Concept based
  • Numerical/Value Based

2. Image based questions

3. True or false type questions

Please watch the above featured video for more detailed explanation about this article.

We hope this blog will assist you in preparing this subject meticulously for MDS entrance exams.
Prepare judiciously..


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