How to study efficiently and score more marks in exams.

Muhad Noorman P, Final year Student – Team Dentowesome

Scoring good and better marks are always priority of any student irrespective of their level and class .  Hard work and smart work helps to score good marks.

Some tips to study smart and score more marks

1) Always organise yourself, Never procrastinate. Don’t think about wasted days ,look forward days ahead and make efficient planning.

2) Give importance to every subject equally, start with easy and end in hard nuts.

3) Identify your best time, and place to study. Ignore and never seek how you’re peer group works. Always your peer lies about studies, focus on yourself 🙂

4) Cut your social distraction, even though it sounds like a rocket science, regular practice helps to cut your Distraction. Utilise focus mode in android phones, Install Forest app. It Helps to prioritise your study hours.

5) Teach yourself as if you’re a teacher, trust me you’ll crack a million topics.

6) Teach you’re peer group , it’ll help to recollect and brush up your brain.

7) Regularly shift your studyplace , between a period of 1 hour or 2 hour later,  brain and mind always rejects learning from a same environment.

8) Get familiarise with the exam layout, use previous year question, understand nature of questions , prepare accordingly.

9) Always finish with previous questions first and if time allows study other topic left, mentioned in  University syllabus.

10) Reading a book not studying :  Revise topic after 1 or 2 hour, Prepare notes, put away books . Attempt topic as an exam question. Self realization is best methodology to improve yourself.

11) Never cut too many corners: Often we get devastated listening rumors , predictable questions . And the  truth is anything can come.

12) Practice mock exams during free times. Practice always make a man perfect.

13) Organize your answer while writing in exam papers. Never forget, Presentation matters. Include as much as figures, flowcharts, pie diagrams..etc.. Proove examiner you have an edge over topics. Underline important points with seperate ink.

14) Last but not least get an adequate sleep.(Ideally 6 to 7 hours)  Give some time for your brain and hippocampus to process your memory.

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