Mouth preparation for complete dentures ( part 3)

#Management of prominent Mylohyoid and internal oblique ridges: They are seen in lingual surfaces of mandible. Sometimes they become prominent due to ridge resorption. If there is repeated ulceration, loss of peripheral seal , they should be surgically reduced.

#Reduction of Maxillary tuberosity: Reduction of wide tuberosity is easier compared to vertically large tuberosity. Before it’s reduction, radiological evaluation is mandatory,as maxillary sinus tends to expand in tuberosity.

#Treatment of sharp spiny ridges: These type of ridges usually occur in lower anterior region due to resorption of labial and lingual cortical plates. For this ,ridge augmentation can be done. 

Meyer’s classification for knife edge ridges:



⛔Ridge with discrete spiny projections

#Excision of Tori :

Excision of torus mandibularis

Tori are small bony projections of unknown etiology. Indications for maxillary Tori removal:

Interference of speech

Loss of posterior palatal seal

Poor denture stability

All the mandibular Tori should be excised .



It is the surgical procedure to increase the vestibular depth. Techniques for vestibuloplasty are::

Mucosal Advancement

Secondary Epithelialisation

Epithelial Graft Vestibuloplasty

( ref : textbook of prosthodontics,Deepak nallaswamy, image: Google images)

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