Mouth preparation for complete dentures (part 2)

#Removal of a Hypertrophic Lingual frenum:

Hypertrophic Lingual frenum

Frenectomy is indicated in this case. Tongue tie test is performed.Patient is asked to touch his upper lip with tongue, if the denture is displaced by doing so then frenectomy is to be done.

#Correction of prominent buccal frenum: Removal is generally not necessary as they are not present as so large. Buccal frenum is soft and it can be easily displaced by denture without any injury.

#Removal of Papillary hyperplasia:

Papillary hyperplasia

These hyperplastic lesions occur due to irritation. It can be large or small . Small lesions are treated by curettage and large by split thickness supraperiosteal excision.

#Treatment of Epulis fissuratum:

Epulis fissuratum

It is an soft tissue reaction in sulcular regions due to overextension of denture flanges. No specific treatment except shortening and smoothening of denture borders.Give it time to heal.

# Removal of ridge undercuts: Small and moderate unilateral undercuts can be left untouched , while severe undercuts or bilateral moderate requires surgical correction ( alveoloplasty).

( ref: textbook of prosthodontics , Deepak nallaswamy , images: Google images.)

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