Mouth preparation for complete dentures (part 1)

Mouth rehabilitation is defined as restoration of form and function of the masticatory apparatus to as nearly normal as possible.

# Adjunctive care :Lesions like ulcer, abscess should be cure and be given time for healing. During their healing period adjunctive therapies like tissue massage, use of mouth washes etc. are used. For normal patients, 48 hour rest with tissue massage is sufficient.

#Removal of retained dentition : An OPG gives a clear idea whether to remove the retained dentition or not.

Removal of unerupted teeth::

The unerupted teeth lying close to ridge should be removed but the one which deeply submerged and non symptomatic can be left untouched.

Removal of retained roots::

All the retained roots should be removed but if it’s removal can cause large bony defect and is asymptomatic , then it can be left untouched.

# Correction of Hypermobile Ridge tissue :

Hypermobile or flabby ridge

Hypermobile tissues are caused by excessive residual ridge resorption. Small Hypermobile tissues which do not affect functioning of denture can be left untouched but the large pendulous Hypermobile tissues should be removed.

#Removal of soft tissue interfaces : Firm soft tissue interference, which do not affect the stability of the denture,can be left intact. In case of maxillary tuberosity with excessive fibrous tissue, there is need for surgical removal.

#Removal of Hypertrophic maxillary labial frenum:

High frenum attachment

In case of high frenum attachment ,where the frenum is not so close to crest of the ridge , surgery is not mandatory, only labial notch in the denture is sufficient. But when this notch breaks the peripheral seal , in that case surgical procedure is done.

( ref : Textbook of prosthodontics: Deepak nallaswamy , images : Google images)

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