Histopathology of dentinal caries

Zone I: Zone of fatty degeneration of odontoblast process
Zone 2: Zone of dentinal sclerosis characterized by deposition of cal- cium salts in dentinal tubules
Zone 3: Zone of decalcification of dentin, a narrow zone, preceding bacterial invasion
Zone 4: Zone of bacterial invasion of decalcified but intact dentin Zone 5: Zone of decomposed dentin

Earldentinal caries

Fatty degeneration oodontob/ast process

>Disposition of fat globules – precedes early sclerotic changes  >Special stains – Sudan red
1.Fat contributes to impermeability 

2.Predisposing factor for dental sclerosis

Sclerotic dentin

>Reaction of vital pulp – calcification of dentinal tubules (DT)

>Seals off DT from further penetration of microorganisms

>Minimal in rapidly advancing caries

>Prominent in slow caries

>Sclerotic dentin – appear white in transmitted light

Decalcification odentinatubules

>Above dentinal sclerosis – zone of decalcification

>Occurs in advance of bacterial invasion of DT 

>Pioneer bacteria
>The initial decalcification – only the walls of DT 

>Study of tubules- pure form of microorganisms

Zone omicrobial invasion

>Proteolytic organisms – predominantly in deeper layers Acidogenic microorganisms – more in early caries
>Supporting the hypothesis that initiation and progression are two distinct processes and must be differentiated

Advanced dentinacaries

>Decalcification of the walls of DT – confluence

>Thickening of sheath of Neumann – along its course • Increase in the diameter of DT – microorganisms

>Focal coalescence of adjacent tubules and ovoid area of destruction- liquefaction foci
>Acidogenic organisms – initial decalcification

>Proteolytic organisms – matrix destruction

>Multiple areas of destruction>Necrotic mass of dentin (leathery consistency)

>Formation of transverse cleftsExtend at right angles to DT and parallel contour line

>Peeling away of carious dentin

REFERENCE- Shafers textbook of oral pathology 8th edition

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