• Kocher’s sign-thyrotoxicosis
  • Macewen’s sign- alcohol poisoning
  • Murphy’s sign-acute cholecystitis
  • Nicolsky’s sign-application of pressure on normal skin produces a new lesion.Seen in pemphigus,TEN,Stevens Johnson syndrome ,Staphylococcla scalded syndrome
  • Osler’s sign- alkaptonuria
  • Pastia sign-scarlet fever
  • Pelken’s sign- scurvy
  • Prayer sign- diabetes
  • Raccoon eye sign-fracture of base of skull
  • Schamroth’s sign-clubbing
  • Signet ring sign-xray of patient with scurvy
  • Spatula sign-tetanus
  • Steinberg sign-Marfan’s syndrome
  • Tear drop sign- orbital blowout fracture
  • Trail sign- tracheal displacement
  • Tram track sign- Struge Weber syndrome
  • Trousseaus sign-seen in tetany
  • Trumbling bullet sign- post traumatic bone cyst
  • Water lily sign-hydatid cyst
  • Wimberger’s sign-congenital syphilis,scurvy
  • Wrist sign-Marfan’s syndrome in medicine),

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