COVID-19 (PART -2)

Written by : Dr. Urusa I Inamdar

Using mask and sanitizer

  • Person not showing any symptoms :

A medical mask should not be used as it creates a false sense of security that can lead to neglecting other essential measures . Resort to other measures like – washing hands , cover your nose and mouth while sneezing , monitor your body temperature and oxygen levels .

  • So when should you use medical mask ( apart from medical health care workers ) :

When a person develops symptoms like cough or fever , while visiting a health care facility .

Taking care of an ill person .

If your family member is a suspected or confirmed case undergoing home care .

  • Washing your hands :

Washing your hands frequently is essential . Use soap and water for atleast 20 seconds for most effective results .

  • Sanitizing your hands :

Hand sanitizers are to be used , when hand wash was not possible . An alcohol based sanitizer with 70% alcohol content must be used for 20 seconds .

  1. Self notes
  2. World health organization
  5. IGOT ( Integrated Government Online Training )
  6. AIMS , New Delhi

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