Written by : Dr. Urusa I Inamdar


Condition associated with either a physiologic or a pathologic process resulting in loss of dentin , cementum or bone .

An idiopathic , slow or fast progressive resorptive process occurring in the dentin of the pulp chamber or in the root canals of the teeth .


Cause is not known , but such patients have a history of trauma .


In root : it is asymptomatic

In crown : manifested as a reddish area called pink spot . This reddish area represents the granulation tissue showing through the resorbed area of the crown .


Diagnosed during routine radiographic examination . The appearance of the pink spot occurs late in the resorptive process . The radiograph usually shows a change in the appearance of the wall in the root canal or pulp chamber , with a round or ovoid radiolucent area .


Extirpation of the pulp .

Routine endodontic treatment is indicated , but obturation of the defect requires a special effort , preferably with a plasticized gutta – percha method . In many patients , the condition is unobserved as it is painless , until the root is perforated . In such cases , mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is recommended to repair the defect . When repair has been completed , the canal with its defect is obturated with plasticized gutta – percha .


The prognosis is best before perforation of the root or crown occurs .


  • Grossman’s Endodontic Practice (13th edition)
  • Dental notes

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