By Dr Musaddika Shaikh Dentowesome @drmusaddikashaikh

Glycolysis :- It is sequence of reaction converting glucose into lactose and pyruvate with the production of ATP

  • It is also know as EMBDEN MEYENHOFF Pathway.
  • It takes place in cell of body.
  • The enzyme are present in cytosomal fraction.
  • It occurs in presence of oxygen (aerobic) and absence of oxygen (anaerobic).
  • Lactate is end product of anaerobic pathway.
  • Pyruvate is end product of aerobic pathway forming CO2 and H2O.
  • It is major pathway for synthesis of ATP.
  • It is essential for brain.

Reaction :- Glucose+2ADP+2Pi = 2Lactase+2APP

Significance :-

  • It is formed by active skeletal muscle major precursor for gluconeogenesis
  • Lactate is dead end in glycolysis
  • It is carried from skeletal muscle through blood and handed over to liver , where it is oxidized to Pyruvate

Reference :- Books Human Physiology for bds A.K Jain Google website expii

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