A well defined round to oval opacity in the right paratracheal region.

• The right subclavian artery is arising from the arch of aorta directly posterior to the esophagus. There is round aneurysmal dilatation of right subclavian artery near its origin. The aneurysm is abutting and compressing the lateral wall of esophagus and posterior wall of trachea.

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14) Cannonball metastases (lungs)

Cannonball metastases refer to large, well-circumscribed, round pulmonary metastases that appear, well, like cannonballs.

▪️Metastases with such an appearance are classically secondary to:

  • renal cell carcinoma
  • choriocarcinoma

▪️Or less common primary tumors:

  • prostate carcinoma
  • synovial sarcoma
  • endometrial carcinoma

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References:; Practical medicine by PJ mehta; Hutchison’s clinical medicine; Random google images(Chest X-rays)

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